What To Do When You Hit A Natural Hair Growth Plateau

By Hollis

Natural Hair Growth Plateau

People mistakenly think of natural hair as rough and tough, but it’s actually quite delicate. It’s a common occurrence for many naturals to hit a growth plateau after a few years, even when being diligent with their healthy hair regimen. Breakage and damage can be caused by small and seemingly innocent actions or habits. Here are some tips for preventing breakage and getting past your hair growth plateau.


                       5 Tips For Improved Natural Hair Growth

Water it. Yes, water it. If you think of your hair like a plant you’ll realize that it needs water in order to thrive. It doesn’t matter what kind of oil, butters or oil-based products you apply, the end result will still be dry, brittle hair unless you start with water or a water based product first. Dry hair is brittle and prone to breakage. Avoid that by giving your hair plenty of water through regular washings and the regular use of water based products.

Style Watch. Natural hair is versatile and it’s fun to experiment with different styles. But avoid wearing styles that put stress on your hair such as: tight ponytails, braid extensions (that are too tight, too small or worn for too long), sew-in extensions that put stress on the hairline and locs that are twisted too often or pulled too tight. That doesn’t mean that up-dos can’t help you achieve longer hair. It’s great to explore protective styling, just avoid stressing your hairline by pulling too tight.

Secret Snags. Avoid things that can snag your hair and cause damage or the loss of healthy strands. These secret saboteurs can be anything from hangnails to headbands and ponytail holders with metal clasp that snag healthy strands of hair. Also make sure your detangling comb is seamless.

Dust it Away. None of us just looove getting our hair trimmed, but it is necessary for healthy hair maintenance. If left unchecked, split ends continue to travel up the hair shaft and cause more damage. Getting regular trims is the best way to prevent that. “Dusting” can be even less extensive than trimming. Getting your ends dusted means you’re snipping of so little, it actually looks like dust falling to the floor. Why not try that every 3 months or so instead of having to get so much trimmed off when you finally do trim once or twice per year?

Know how your hair handles protein
. Protein is good for hair, if your hair needs it. Heat damaged, color treated and breaking hair may benefit from regular protein treatments far more that healthy highly-textured hair. Natural hair can go stiff if overloaded with protein products. So don’t layer it on in every single product. Looks for the signs your hair will give when exposed to protein and use it accordingly.

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