the top 5 hair care myths

 The hair health word is used quite widely and means different things to different people. For natural hair , this term can be more dangerous because properties often associated with healthy hair do not apply to normal healthy natural hair . Here are some examples

1.Healthy hair does not break or split easily

Fine hair , curly , curly has a tendency to break easily. Scientifically taking a lock of hair and extends outward to the limit that gives strength to the hair tends to break. However, during styling , curly, curly hair tends to break before reaching that strength, as it not only extends that matters, but also whether it is against other chain entanglements or form a knot.

African hair also has a tendency to break down in a very traumatic . The fibril forming a rough edge that is perfect for starting and acceleration of split ends . Therefore, even when you are being very careful , if you break a lock of hair , you may end up with split ends.

It is difficult or almost impossible to be completely undamaged . In fact , it is possible to greatly reduce breakage and hair health guarantee . Natural hair will be able to resist damage from styling , provided that it is understood that it is necessary to be smooth

2 .Healthy hair is moistened and dried

Natural hair has a tendency to be dry . This is not due to damaged, but only a normal property associated with it . How often you moisturize your hair ( using proteins , water, humectants and oils ) affects the way it feels dry . Sometimes dry hair can be an advantage , for example, straight styles and the roller assemblies . Other times a little moisture helps , for example , with the flexibility during styling and shipping .

3 .Healthy hair has shine

This is simply not true for all hair . Shine is a function of how straight and dark hair is . For straight ( natural and relaxed hair even ) having brightness is a good indicator that the threads are relatively harmless and can reflect light well . Some refer to natural products instead of shining brightness , but for some hair , this would mean looking at an individual chapter rather than the whole head. Having highly textured hair reduces light reflection and thus brightness is not really a measure of the health of hair for people with this hair .

4 .Healthy hair behaves in a predictable manner (ie , not rebel )

Many people long for hair that has a gambling behavior when wet or dry hair and curly , but not in this category . Is more likely to change depending on the moisture and hair products especially the amount of oils and moisturizers (including honey , glycerin and aloe vera) .

There is a certain predictability with natural hair , for example , if it gets wet , it will shrink / curl or dry combing attempts will be less flexible than if sprayed some water or apply a conditioner or oil. However, unless you are lucky to be in a place with constant humidity , the fact is that the natural hair , especially when it opens to the left will change. This does not mean your hair is damaged , only that it is responding to their environments and products that are applied .

5 .Healthy Hair length gains easily

Many people compare hair growth healthy hair and the more rapid the growth , the better the care given to the hair. However, while healthy hair should be long, it does not necessarily have to be quick . If your hair is thinner , curlier and more prone to split ends , taking care to trim his hair actively slow down the time it takes to get to a particular brand (shoulder, arm, mid-back , etc. . ) This does not mean that is less healthy hair or slow growing , the only indication is that the hair ends require more maintenance . The concern should arise if the hair has been stalled for a long time and not cut or trim to that length .

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