Should Your Hair Change With The Seasons?

 By Hollis

Summer is coming to an end and the weather is quickly starting to change. Changing weather can make a naturalista wonder if she should change her hair too. Most of us make minor tweaks to our hair regimen for hot and cold weather, but how do you know if your hair needs more than just a minor tweak? While it’s not a necessity to change anything about your hair or regimen just because the seasons change, it is a good idea to assess your hair seasonally and ask yourself if your tresses could use a makeover. Here are five tips to help you figure it out.

         How Do You Know If Your Hair    Needs A Makeover?

You’re still relaxing
- You’ve been thinking about going natural for a while now but you just haven’t taken the leap yet. There’s no time like the present. Doing the big chop is an instant makeover. It’s also exciting and liberating.

You have split ends
– It’s funny how such tiny things that can cause major trouble if left unchecked. Not only do they damage your hair, split ends stick out like a sore thumb and cause your hair to have an overall unhealthy appearance. Trim your ends regularly, especially before cold weather rolls in and causes those split ends to dry up and tangle.

Your color has grown out too much
- The right hair color can be stunningly beautiful, but it requires some maintenance. If your roots have grown out so much that people think you’re going for the Ombre color trend then it’s time to touch up your color a bit.

Your haircut feels dated
– Some hair trends come and go rather quickly. Remember when everyone was doing the whole shaved head thing on one side like Cassie? Although she still pulls it off that haircut went out of style for most of us long ago. If your haircut is starting to feel dated, change it up.

You want something new
- Sometimes the only answer a woman needs is “Because I felt like it.” You don’t need a reason to makeover yourself or your hair. It’s your prerogative to change (or not change) whenever and whatever you want. Sometimes a girl just wants to see something different when she looks in the mirror. Go for it!

Do you change your hair or regimen when the weather changes? In what way?

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