Protecting Your Natural Hair Against Hair Extension/Weave.

 Originally released as a advice for a protective style with weave or hair extension. These tips are also useful for preventing damage to your natural hair, wearing cloth.

Protective styles can lead the growth, repair, strengthen and protect hair in transition from chemicals or natural elements like harsh winter wind. They did not mean to add insult to injury. For example, using a fast microbraids on weak fine hair line.

If your considering hair extensions try:

1. Two strand twist extensions that use soft hair fibers that can be moisturized, shampooed on styled with ease.

The most important advice for hair extensions is

2. Be careful when removing hair.

3. Speak to your stylist about a brief tutorial on proper removal of your  your extensions. Tangled hair ought to ne'er be shampooed. Detangle with a lightweight leave in conditioner before shampoo. Extensions can take 2 1/2 to 3 months with proper nutrition. However, tension should always be avoided.

4. Be honest when your stylist asks about tension. There is no need to grin and bare it! There are new techniques for hair tissues such that it does not require needles, thread, glue or individual braids.

5. Be creative. Flat twist and stick sets with various size twist and rods are great choices for Naturals or hair in transition who are not interested in extensions. Try a set of Curl Fomers (Sallys) to experiment with loops with any hair texture.

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