Is Long Hair Genetic?

Her hair is long because of their genes. "It's a very common comment that can be seen especially in the natural community . 's A provocative statement that ignites passionate arguments for and against . Some are adamant that the statement is ignorant and others argue strongly in favor of it , noting how the person in question may have a more flexible texture or other factors that may be responsible for long. ....... the truth is that long hair is actually genetic, here's why :

1. Long hair is genetic 
The length of your hair will grow until it is determined by how long you plan to stay in the anagen or growth phase . In order to get to APL / BSL, on average, you will need your hair to continue to grow for 2-3 years. To get to the waist or hip length , you will need your hair to continue to grow for 4-5 years on average. In short , genes determine if your hair continues to grow and there is almost nothing you can do to change that .

2 . Does this mean that some people are required to have short hair ?
 Actually , no. Although many people cite the hair growth phase lasts 2-6 years , the fact is that the mathematical calculations estimate a normal average growth phase can be as long as 12-14 years ( J Cosmet Sci , pp 367-378 , 2003). This would correspond to about the length of the ankle for many. It would therefore be more accurate to say really long hair is genetic , and most people are genetically disposed to grow very long hair .

3 .What if no one in my family has long hair ?

 We need to separate the ability of the hair to obtain the length of the person having the hair that is capable of maintaining long enough to show its length. Often , bad hair practices limit the ability for hair to show its full potential length . If you inherit these practices , then you inherit those limits too.

4 . Why is it that people with long hair tend to have one of the following - looser curls , hair less curly hair that can be heat treated repeatedly and easily or locomotives ? 
 In all the above cases , the hair has a low susceptibility to tangles, knots and breakage when handled. Hair can be repeatedly heat-treated without noticeable damage is generally less susceptible to physical damage . Locs are the ultimate protective style and hair incurs very little break . Therefore, it is logical that the hair in the above categories must be able to show the full potential of its length, with minimal damage and breakage along the journey .

If your hair needs gentle treatment even with minimal manipulation , it stands to reason that the hair can be changed a little more often or require further adjustments in order to be in the best condition. This does not mean that the hair can not get the length or grows at a slower rate , but that just means you have to be have to be more diligent and possibly factor in a little extra time in order to achieve the same hair results not break so easily.

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