How to Prevent Natural Hair From Tangling.

By Hollis


For many women, preparing to wash their hair is a stress free process. But for those of us with curly or tightly coiled hair, it’s the exact opposite.  If you have curly, brittle, or overly dry hair,  detangling can be a real challenge, especially as your hair begins to get longer.

Without the ability to properly detangle your hair, the whole process can turn into a nightmare that kills your confidence and excitement about being natural. Having hair that tangles and knots easily  also prevents you from retaining length and growing your hair long. This is what makes it seem like your hair isn’t growing, when in reality it’s just breaking off at a faster rate than it can grow.

Whether you are looking to grow out your hair or make it easier to style your child’s hair these tips should help you with the detangling process:

1) Cleansing Method – Water equals moisture so it’s not how often you wash your hair that creates the problem, it’s what you wash your hair with.  If your strands seem parched, try co-washing more often and shampooing less. When you do shampoo, make sure to choose a sulfate free shampoo. This helps prevent your hair from drying out during the cleansing process.

2) Divide and Conquer – Do not pile your hair on top of your head in one big heap while washing it.  This only causes more tangles and knots. As soon as your hair is long enough, start dividing it into sections of four before washing. Secure sections loosely with Ouchless elastics or by braiding and tackle one section at a time. You may take the sections down after washing but I find it’s better for me to keep them even when detangling and twisting my hair. It doesn’t seem like such an impossible job when I take it one section at a time.

3) No Dry Combing – Don’t even THINK of combing your hair when it is dry. This causes you to break and lose hair unnecessarily.  It’s best to detangle and comb your hair when it is soaking wet with conditioner.  Since the conditioner gives your hair “slip”, your comb or fingers will slide through your hair much easier.

4) Go Wide – Try to do most of your detangling with your fingers. (Yes, this is really possible.) If you do use a comb, make sure it has wide teeth and no seams that snag or break your strands.  Always start from the ends and work your way up

5) Twist or braid – If you have hair that tangles easily or shrinks a lot, you’ll find it helpful to twist or braid your hair after washing it.  If I wash and detangle my hair without twisting or braiding afterwards, it shrinks up and creates the potential for new knots to form. Twisting or braiding your hair keeps it stretched out and detangled as it dries.

6) Pillow Talk - It’s important to sleep on a satin pillow case or with a satin sleeping cap on.  Cotton pillow cases will suck the moisture from your hair and friction against the cotton can cause breakage.

7) Easy Does It – It takes patience to do your hair, so be easy. I know it sounds funny but don’t do your hair if you are in a bad  mood, hungry, or in a hurry. You may end up taking it out on your hair and causing more harm than good.


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