Dyeing African-American Hair

  African American hair is versatile in many ways - some products and styles such as twists or braids , you can get different patterns of curl, tight coils to waves and anywhere in between. Experimenting with these techniques is part of the experience naturally curly , but sometimes what you really crave is an explosion of color , right?

Dyed any hair type may involve a chemical process should be taken seriously. Fortunately , there are many ways to ensure that your new color goes well, and the health of your hair remains intact.

 How does it work?

There are 3 main types of permanent color , semi or demi permanent and temporary .

Requires permanent color to the hair cuticle be lifted and alters proteins that make our color.Temporary natural hair colored , moreover , makes a color layer on top of the hair shaft . These are usually sold as " cleared " , and fade with various shampoos .

Coloring hair has less to do with the texture ( coarse, fine , etc.) and more to do with the porosity . The porosity of the hair is the ability to hold and retain moisture. So not only the layers of the cuticle must be raised so that the color / moisture , have to reclose to hold it in.

Titi Branch, Miss Jessie , says : "The cuticle is rougher ( kinkier textures ) actually is more porous and more likely to take the fastest color . Disclaimer textures tend to have a smoother cuticle ( and more likely to be more resistant to color) unless there is some type of chemical processing to cause a loose curl pattern to be more porous . "

" Coloring curly hair is like caring for a baby 's skin . Curly hair is more fragile and requires more moisture than other hair textures . 's Healthier when lifted / lightened no more than 3 levels," says Nicola Forbes Martin design essentials . "Remember, slow and steady wins the race curly hair coloring . "

While it is true that African hair - may be more porous texture , which is nice for color retention , hair may be too porous cuticle layers are not closed tight enough back to keep moisture in. This means that extremely dry hair . Remember ! Different porosity , texture , curl pattern is something we have naturally . Learn to maintain, do not complain.

How should I get it done?

What color do you want? Blonde Beach? Auburn? Red? If your hair is naturally dark , clear hair coloring is " always a risk " , according to the branch.

Hair must be bleached , ie a chemical (usually ammonia) is " bleached " hair , add the lighter color of the "blank slate " . This is pure chemistry . Professional experience is recommended .

" Hair that is dark bleach to a stage typically orange or yellow, which is usually unflattering . Colorist must have an understanding of color theory to know what colors to deposit on the hair to remove the yellow or orange unwanted , "says Rama.

But if you want to go with a color that is less drastic , there's always the do-it -yourself store-bought color. Jobs Do it yourself really should be only for temporary color rinses semi - permanent . Anyway, read and follow the instructions to the tee. As would disregard the instructions of a major repair protein treatment , you should not ignore directions on the box .

But wait, there's more...

 Dyes with chemicals are not the only option if you want colorful braids . Buy box (or ask your stylist if he / she uses ) dyes without ammonia or PPD . Not only can damage your hair over time, but some are allergic to PPD .

There are also natural alternatives , such as henna.

You may have seen used henna as body art on hands, but can also be used as a hair color . Henna is a plant native to the subtropical regions of Africa , Southeast Asia , and Australia . It has been used for centuries as a way to add color to the skin and hair.

Henna should be available in any African or Asian ethnic market , but you can order online too. Like asking anything natural or organic , be careful what you are buying . " Henna Body Art Quality" is what you're looking for. Otherwise, there could be other chemicals / pigments added to alter your experience of henna. The amount of henna to use depends on the thickness and length of your hair . Start with 100 g to be sure, ask a stylist or natural, which I would recommend .

Come in powder form and must be made ​​into a paste for hair application . Henna gives a red tint to the hair. But for dark hair , just adds a touch of delicate red light can be seen in sunlight . While red dye added , the paste itself is not red at all! This is normal ! If the package says blonde color or black hair , not natural henna .

Henna is also said to provide a deep conditioning treatment . Some say that " loosens the curl . " Each person's experience will be different.

Hair coloring certainly has an effect on protein balance due to moisture with permanent color a chemical reaction takes place within the strand of weakening the cuticle layer making the hair more porous . The more porous hair faster absorbs moisture. If hair is too porous and does not retain moisture remains dry to the touch. This is always a risk with hair coloring .

So  what now?

Terms deep after any permanent chemical dye . Coloring the hair cuticles open means - make sure they close down! Keep in mind permanent color is not for everyone , says Rama. Chemicals only further damage dry hair more porous .

And as we like our hair grows and prospers , what about touch-ups?

"In order to maintain its color, lucky for us curlies do not feel the pressure for a root touch up as soon as our hair straight counterparts ," says Rama. As our natural color grows, because the chain grows from the root in a ripple training - it takes more time for the natural color of the root to be exposed , thereby extending the time we need a root touch-up , he adds.

To prolong the life of your color, do not use shampoo - sulphate that pulls hair more easily. Try any sulfate free moisturizing shampoo .

" When curly hair is curly or color correctly there is nothing more beautiful," said Titi . " The way a curl is accentuated with the addition of color is simply stunning . Is it good for your hair coloring No, but does it look good ? Absolutely."

The possibilities are endless with the hair color. Just keep the hair healthy hair before "beautiful " . And ask a professional !


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