caring for african american hair naturally.

caring for african american hair naturally
Although not all African American hair is exactly the same , if you are African- American, it is likely that the hair that is curly and black ( at least in its natural state ! ) . With proper care and style your hair type , your hair will feel as great as it seems . Follow these tips to keep your hair healthy and vibrant .

How to wash . Mild shampoo. African American hair is prone to breakage , so massaging the scalp with your fingers and wash your hair gently without pulling . Choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner designed for African American hair . Wash often - as little as a week or 10 days may be sufficient. Rinsing the other day will remove the sweat and salt.

Maintain in good condition. Unlike shampoo conditions often require . Rinse your hair when you shower and apply conditioner . Use a conditioner as needed to keep your hair healthy and feeling hydrated and try a deep conditioner or monthly hot oil treatment .

Dry mode . Do not rub wet hair - friction can cause unruly hair , at best, and at worst break. Gently pat dry . Use a wide-tooth comb to resolve any confusion of ends and gradually work your way up to the scalp to avoid pulling too hard on tangles. It is best to dry your hair , but if brushing , keep the dryer moving and keep it at least six inches of your hair. 

Take away heat. Heat damaged hair and is particularly problematic for hair that has been colored or chemically treated . Use blow - blow dryers, curling irons and irons rarely or never board. Products that contain alcohol is best avoided , as it can dry your hair more.

Find the right products. Care for the care of African American hair is different from Caucasian or Asian hair, as African- American hair is often fragile. Try shampoos, conditioners and styling products specially formulated for African American hair . There are many on the market, ask your stylist what he or she recommends.

The advantages and disadvantages of natural hair. Natural hair is easy to maintain and healthier because you do not fight the chemicals in relaxers . However, some women prefer the right look that is popular in North America, and some people consider the natural look of a political statement.

The advantages and disadvantages of relaxation. If you want straight hair , consider a relaxation. These products work by breaking the hair bonds, causing the hair to recover. Relaxants are an excellent choice if you want a direct hair , but weak and dry . Because the products are very difficult, it is a good idea to apply them in a professional manner . Be sure to follow the advice of your hairdresser about the care of relaxed hair.

Consult your stylist . Regular adjustments can help keep ahead of split ends that may affect African-American dry hair. A stylist who specializes in African American hair can recommend cuts and flattering products for your hair type and how it grows .With proper hair care routine , hair will be healthier and you 're ready to show your style .


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