7 Benefits of Fine Natural Hair.

Fine hair almost always has a bad reputation. Everyone is familiar with its drawbacks - scalpy twists , fros this failure and susceptibility to fracture - but not always discuss the benefits of having natural hair well . Here are 7 unique benefits of natural hair too. For the purposes of this article, thin hair refers to the thin strand of hair and low density.

One. less product
With beautiful hair, an amount the size of dime the product is very , very far! Naturals Long hair requires more material to cover and seal his son, and who often need heavier products - such as shea butter and cream - which tend to be more expensive . Many natural products for hair can blow hard butters and joined with the cheaper , lighter , such as coconut oil or aloe vera gel .

Two . Smoothing easier and faster

So thick and coarse hair strands has more persuasive to loosen your curl pattern , beautiful hair tends to take the heat more easily and requires less of it to recover. On the other hand, we must be careful not to burn the child. Keep your average low temperature dryer , and store iron for long!

Three . Easy Bunning 

Thick hair may seem a bit bulky , when he stopped in a bun or a braid simple and can put pressure on the headbands and hairpins . Fine hair is easier to pull into one, and it may seem a little easier

Four . warm weather 

There is nothing hotter in the summer to a thick mass of heavy locks hours. The " scalpiness " hair styles for is actually more in the summer , providing a way to escape the heat of the body.

Five . Shorter washing day 

While natural hair long must divide his son into several sections and individually clean each state for natural hair can get away with less style and in some cases , is not cut at all. In addition , the hair style much less time to work through the air and dry faster.

Sex . unravel 

When you have less chains detangle , the process is much faster . Moreover, natural hair can get away with only finger detangling, while many thicker haired naturals must also incorporate hair tools like Denman brushes and wide toothed combs..

Seven . Quick Styling

When there is less hair to pass through, the style tends to go faster . A good set of box braids hair or actions can take less than two hours , while thick hair often take four hours . In addition , thick hair can be a disadvantage in the area, with many stylists charge extra money for customers with a lot of hair to pass through.Beautiful ladies hair , tell us , what are the benefits of your hair type ?

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