3 Ways To Decrease Shrinkage.

3 Ways To Decrease Shrinkage.
Shrinkage is an important issue in natural hair care. I am all for embracing shrinkage, but that does not mean I'm going to leave my hair to fully demonstrate how good it is doing. Controlling the withdrawal does not mean that the hair should extend over the entire length at all times. This means really learn when hair will shrink, and how much will shrink can be reduced to a manageable level. Control of shrinkage has three main advantages:

1. Easier to unravel

2. Style easier by being able to control the amount of stretching.

3. Reduced learning breakage when hair stretches without breaking and say when no

Here's how to minimize shrinkage during each of the three basic steps in a simple hair routine:

1. Cleansing: The point of most routines hair is starting to dissolve the oil on the hair so that it can be washed with water. To do this, you need a shampoo, soap or shampoo of your choice.

2. Controlling Shrinkage: Shrinking during this stage generally expected, but can be controlled by braiding or twisting the hair loosely in large sections (8-15). This generally prevent hair from tangling fully wound and once that is in contact with water. It is better not fight shrinkage beyond this braided or twisted can do at this point, even if the hair tends to be more elastic when wet, is actually lower.

3. Optional Add-ons: Before washing, using a penetrating oil like coconut oil can help control the amount of water that penetrates the hair. However, remember it is not always easy to see a visible impact when the hair is soaked in water, no oil that can completely prevent it from entering the hair.

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