3 Assumptions that Will Stunt Your Hair Growth.

There are many articles on sites of natural hair on what you can do with or for your hair. While wading through the information and try new things or try old experiences with new products or techniques, you should always keep in mind that some things we do , it can cause damage that eventually burst hairs, tip to a particular length . These are thoughts that I know have been crucial factors that have kept my hair in less than a length of the neck . If you have learned or had these ideas as I did , you would have to challenge them.

1 . Thinking back to your natural hair is thick when it really is not 

Natural hair tends to have a lot of volume and texture that leads many of us to the conclusion that our hair is thick . You can not have very thick hair at all. Your hair can actually be very fragile if you look individual rather than the full head of hair strand. Do not automatically categorizes your thicker or coarse hair. There are many small soft folds that ended on the floor after too much force applied during combing. This is because the person handling the hair think that the hair should be able to handle the force that is heavy. Compare your thick hair strand individual members of your family or friends and make a judgment if it is really thick or thin or something between them .Side note: I 've never really understood the term gross , but some use it to describe the texture (as in the hair with small coils and multiple Kinks ) , while others use it to describe a thickness hair .

2 . Thinking about your hair should be able to make a particular style or technique when you can not

 The versatility of natural hair, we often talk . We can use our hair in an African , in loops or right ......... or can we really ? There are some things that some hair can simply not do. Someone with natural curls can do unnecessary damage to your hair dry brushing for Afro texture. Someone with a lot of nice kinks may never be able to shingle her hair in curls . Someone with fine hair may never be able to use high heat to get a perfectly straight style without causing immediate damage and breakage. This does not mean that you are afraid to try new styles and techniques, which, however, means that you have to rely on the reaction of your hair and determine if you should go on or off depending on whether the reaction is good or bad .

3 . Think that everyone can do wash and go 

Wash and Go are the main stay of Naturals is the big chop . When the hair is short , it is fast , easy, and one of the least harmful styles. However, as the hair grows , a second factor , the contraction can occur with some Naturals . After washing, if your hair is shrinking to the point where starting interlaced filaments or knots form , requiring you to detangle again, you probably would not fit to carry wash and go , at least not if your goal is to get longer hair. My suggestion is to change the wash and go for hair stretch in large braids or twists that can be covered and allow your hair to dry without removing added that wet hair without producing . If your hair does not shrink much or if your hair spirals of protection required , then wash and go is for you .

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