3 Amazing Protein Conditioners for Natural Hair.

Protein conditioners are not exactly a necessity for most natural products , but some of us need , especially if we have color , handle or iron your hair regularly . The challenge now facing is finding the right protein conditioner , and is recommended for relaxed hair can be too harsh for our natural strands . If you are looking for the proper protein conditioner , maybe you 'll find it here :

1. ApHogee Keratin 2-Minute Reconstructor – for mild breakage and/or color-treated hair


WHAT’S IN IT:: hair keratin hydrolyzate ( protein) and hydrolyzed mucopolysaccharides ( can form complexes with proteins) are among the best ingredients. The combination of these substances with the rest of the rebuilder will help strengthen the hair shaft temporarily without making it too hard .

WHY APHOGEE: : This particular rebuilder is a favorite of some natural products that have their hair dyed and / or are experiencing slight break . While treatment with protein-2 - ApHogee step is too hard for these natural products , the ApHogee 2 - minute Keratin Reconstructor is due to the formulation of the product just right .

2. Tresemme Split Remedy Conditioner – for damp detangling and/or heat styling


What's in it : Amodimethicone (silicone ) , Cyclopentasiloxane (silicone ) , and hydrolyzed keratin (protein ) found in the first seven ingredients. Silicones make it easier unraveling while helping to reduce breakage . Hydrolyzed Keratin can help strengthen the hair until the next wash .

WHY TRESEMME: : If you are buying this conditioner to "fix" the game ends then you may be disappointed . However, if you are looking for protein conditioner light to reduce breakage during handling then this is for you. The inclusion of silicones and hydrolyzed keratin to Tresemme Split Remedy ideal for naturals conditioner to detangle wet hair or straighten your hair with heat regularly .

3. Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak – for strength without moisture loss


WHAT’S IN IT: hydrolyzed collagen (protein ) is the fifth ingredient in this product, and helps with elasticity. Glycerin (ie , glycerin , a humectant ), and olive oil are also among the first five ingredients.

WHY ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR: This conditioner imparts moisture and strength through the formulation ingredients. It is ideal for natural products that wish to strengthen their threads, but also want to keep in moisture .

Ladies, what protein conditioners do you use?  Share your favorites!

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