When Going Natural Goes Wrong

When Going Natural Goes Wrong....Sometimes, despite our intentions, our hair plans simply…fail. we have a tendency to get an excellent plan and perhaps we have a tendency to jump in head 1st while not extremely wondering the way to create that concept really work.

That can happen after you create the initial call to travel natural too. plenty of girls assume that they'll simply grow their hair out and voila—a stunning head of natural hair, twist outs and fierce Afros can follow. very little do these unsuspecting sisters understand that transitioning from with chemicals straightened hair to natural hair is so a method.

This appears to be the road that one lady went down once she tried to travel natural—and merely couldn’t create the transition. As reportable over at Clutch Magazine, this sister wished to travel natural and commenced growing out her roots, however because of a range of missteps, she was ultimately unsuccessful. She confessed:When Going Natural Goes Wrong.

    I got the brilliant plan to travel natural therefore I may run, apply yoga and take swimming lessons while not scrambling to restyle my hair subsequently. I grew captivated with the wild, coiled, spiky look. ne'er mind I hadn’t shampooed, rolled or flat smoothened my very own hair in over twelve years or I solely had a mere 2 inches of latest growth connected to inches of bone straightness. I may still succeed a full ‘fro with the correct product, Nikki Walton’s “Better Than sensible Hair” and gradual directions on many YouTube videos, right? Wrong.

 i used to be naïve concerning transitioning. Having been obsessed with relaxers for nearly twenty five years, I knew nothing concerning my natural hair aside from it had been coarse, fidgety and lacked body once it had been time for a touch-up. And despite the road of demarcation warnings, I still thought all that grease and water would forestall my thick strands from snapping.

Now once the article 1st denote the author took plenty of warmth and a few of us were super crucial of her inability to transition. however I for one extremely appreciated her honesty. particularly since as I describe here, once I huge cut, I too gave into my very own insecurities and abused  a texturizer on my head. Le sigh…When Going Natural Goes Wrong.

Listen, for those people WHO started haircare our hair once our mothers allow us to get perms, there's merely no reason to assume we are going to understand what the euphemism we have a tendency to do while not some serious facilitate.
Don’t Fail to arrange

If you’re wondering going natural I powerfully encourage you to try to to your schoolwork 1st. Don’t simply get obsessed with hair creation and watch youtube videos of girls WHO have an explicit “type” of natural. once you’re simply beginning out you will don't have any plan what reasonably texture you've got therefore you wish to be hospitable a range of prospects.

You have to be willing to urge to grasp your hair. square measure your coils kinky? square measure they a loose curl? what's your curl pattern? What square measure the unambiguously impressive things that your hair will do? for ladies WHO have a history of utterly turning their hair care over to some other person, this will be a alarming method. however obtaining accustomed to your own head of hair extremely is a component of the “going natural” method.When Going Natural Goes Wrong.

That said, you ought to conjointly find an expert natural hair stylist—someone WHO is accustomed to serving to ladies transition from one form of hair to a different. this can be very true if you're somebody, just like the lady in this article, WHO usually outsources your hair care.

If managing your with chemicals straightened hair wasn't one thing you took care of on your own, it will be a significant shift to leap in and look after your hair through the transition method. There square measure variety of designs that square measure helpful after you have 2 differing types of hair on your head (i.e. natural roots and straight ends) and you wish to grasp the way to succeed appearance that may allow you to be comfy together with your method. an expert will assist you navigate this transition.
What is Your Natural Hair Motivation?

Finally, try and discern why it's you wish to travel natural within the 1st place. everybody doesn’t have a “going back to the Motherland” expertise once they cut out their perm. however by selecting to embrace the hair that grows out of your head during this society you will realize that you just ought to unlearn a number of the values that you just had whereas carrying straight hair.When Going Natural Goes Wrong.

For example—finding the wonder in natural hair will be a challenge once you’ve spent 2 or 3 decades lusting once long, flowing, straight hair. Learning the way to appreciate the distinctive awesomeness of kinky hair will be somewhat tough after you were raised to avoid nappiness just like the plague. Unless you challenge those beliefs, likelihood is that you will realize transitioning to be a far tougher method to urge through.

The good news is that if you prepare properly, faucet into a support cluster (whether on-line or in real life), and most significantly, educateyourself, you greatly increase your possibilities of a palmy transition.

Either way—it is important to remember that loving yourself is one of the first keys to success. How about you? What was your transitioning process like? Were there tips that worked for you or advice that was a waste of time? Sound off in the comments.When Going Natural Goes Wrong.


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