Texas Pastor Preaches Against Weaves, Says They Promote a False Image.

A Waco, American state pastor is taking his dislike of weave straight to the ambo. Pastor A. J. Aamir of the Resurrecting religion church has rebuked his feminine congregants to not get weaves. AmericanPreachers.com reports;

    Pastor A.J. Aamir recently told his leadership workers at Resurrecting religion, don't wear weaves. Pastor Aamir feels girls sporting weaves presents a false image of themselves and area unit related to girls WHO have low vanity.

        “Our black girls have gotten weaves making an attempt to be one thing and somebody they're not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying” same Pastor Aamir.

    Pastor Aamir admits he was raised in an exceedingly strict social unit. His mother and father area unit members of the Islamic religion. At thirty-nine years previous, he leads a congregation whose average age is twenty two.

        “Long hair don’t care. What reasonably mess is that? I don’t wish my members thus targeted on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads” he told AmericaPreachers.com.

        “I lead a church wherever our members area unit troubled financially. I mean very troubled. “Yet, a twenty six year previous mother in my church includes a $300 weave on her head. NO. i'll not clam up concerning this.”

    Pastor Aamir acknowledges he cannot lawfully compel girls from sporting weaves in church, however he still extremely disapproves it.

    Resurrecting religion was supported by Pastor Aamir and is found in Waco, Texas.

The church itself doesn’t have any social media presence, thus onlookers have taken to the article’s comments section with their reactions.

One commenter wrote;

    He’s creating a robust statement concerning the importance of learning to like yourself within the image that God created you. African yank girls area unit gifting away their power, belittling themselves and creating a press release that our natural hair is inferior to the hair of Europeans. Our natural hair is really stunning. will we tend to simply provides it an opportunity or can we ought to live our entire lives as brainwashed sheep? I applaud this pastor!

Others expressed disgust

    What reasonably foolishness is that this, what will that ought to do with living righteous or holy. What will a “real” image look like?

    a cult within the creating is what it is…God ne'er told U.S.A. to small manage individuals

Texas Pastor Preaches Against Weaves, Says They Promote a False Image.

Ladies, what area unit your thoughts?

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