Natural Hair is not a Competition;

I am pretty vocal regarding promoting the concept of individualized hair care. this can be the read that hair is individual and whereas we are able to have an inventory of best follow concepts, the sole technique to ensure success is to concentrate to your own hair’s likes and dislikes. i believe that there area unit some those that wish to compare their hair to others and in my read, this could be useful however it also can harmful. In my view, your natural journey ought to extremely have your own stamp thereon, don't let or not it's a contest to match or outdo some other person. Here area unit four reasons why natural hair isn't a competition:Natural Hair is not a Competition;


1. Not everything you see on YouTube is real

I have seen many of us get discouraged by YouTubers for as a result of some seem to be ready to retain a colossal quantity of length in an exceedingly short time. the reality is, though some individuals could so have higher than average growth, people who area unit roaring at holding length after they antecedently didn't, have really done their analysis. you finish up seeing a fairly three minute clip wherever hair goes from shoulder length to middle back however the fact is basically rather more than that. it's unfeasible, a minimum of not in an exceedingly gently attention-grabbing means, to capture all the hours spent reading/googling on the way to retain length, the many hours of detangling or product looking nor the months and months spent in protecting styling.

A good video are emended to indicate you the simplest bits. only a few individuals can show you their failures.Natural Hair is not a Competition;

2. Your hair doesn't need to be curled to be pretty

‘Why can’t my hair flex like that?’ or ‘It takes ages to appear [*fr1] tight with my hair.’ If i'm being all honest, you are doing not would like curled hair to feel pretty, you'll create the choice to believe you're pretty regardless. However, change back to hair, the natural texture of your hair extremely IS what it's. you can't regulate it, it'll continue to grow out that means. Even the women with curled hair won't forever have good curls, kink can happen and if you browse #1, you'll understand that you simply won't see that in an exceedingly video.Natural Hair is not a Competition;

You fully will and will be ready to admire a texture that's totally different from your own. However, if you can't look within the mirror and step by step over time learn to love your own hair, you'll be paving the means for a time period of insecurity.

3. Your hair will grow longer, stop thinking it'll not

‘I assume my hair is often getting to be short, all my members of the family have short hair, my hair forever breaks once I comb or vogue it,‘ or Why can’t we tend to simply settle for African hair cannot get that long, she is mixed.’ i do know that despite the simplest of knowledge out there, the reality is that some individuals extremely simply believe their hair cannot grow longer. this can be a terrible issue as a result of several of those individuals merely pack up on the errors that would fix the matter.

It is not a contest, your hair could take a lot of work and time to retain length compared to somebody with a looser texture or a thicker strand, however if your goal is long hair, it's terribly realizable with the correct instruction.Natural Hair is not a Competition;

4. Hair typing is not that serious, in fact it is pretty random

Oh it extremely will pain Pine Tree State once I see texture wars. ‘ I’m a kind 4a’………’Oh no, you're positively 4c with somewhat of 4b.’ Seriously UN agency cares? does one understand that 3c and 4c were created up by the web community? If you're employing a boughten conditioner, it's seemingly it absolutely was tested on straight Caucasian hair. Hair extremely is simply a fibre and it's extremely a lot of necessary to grasp what will soften your hair for flexibility once styling, what will wash your hair to an adequate degree, what will add strength if necessary to your hair and what will fix any styling harm. Reading ingredient lists can assist you decide your merchandise, not knowing your hair sort.Natural Hair is not a Competition;

You area unit additionally at an advantage knowing however thick the individual strands of your hair are, the amount of shrinkage of your hair once wet and therefore the overall density of your hair. this stuff can assist you to grasp the way to handle your hair and whether or not you would like protecting styling or not. no matter hair sort you have got, it's tremendous provided you're taking care of it.Natural Hair is not a Competition;

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