Is your dry natural hair self-inflicted?

Is your dry natural hair to be the result of misinformation from the natural hair community? Abuse of natural hair products could be the reason you are experiencing excessively dry hair.

I have been an admirer of Afrobella has a natural hair diva and a blogger . We both felt the same about the misinformation circulating within the Natural Hair Community. She recently published a post, 5 Hair Blogger falsehoods Debunking of Professional Cosmetologist with expert advice from Camille Reed.

One myth in particular that I would like to try is co - washing . Camille E. Reed, the creator of Noire Design Concepts Salon in Silver Spring , MD shades light on co- washing.

This is where bloggers and vloggers are teaching readers and subscribers to give up using shampoo and " wash " your hair with conditioner [ only ] .

The problem with this method is that it promotes the abuse of product. Within cosmetic chemistry, some products have certain roles . The shampoo , with either its surfactants or saponins , opens the hair cuticle in an alkaline state to release dust, dirt, lipids ( fats ) and other products of the strand . The cleaners are molecularly attracted to these articles and sign up. Water comes as a reliable and eliminates both the shampoo and residue . Conditioners come in an acid state to distract the cuticle and bring pH balance back to the skin. Commercial conditioners ( those used for co- washes ) contains an additional number of mild chemical sealants to add a little more protection to the hair strand . It is designed to mimic the natural fat that comes from our hair , called Sebum (also slightly acidic ).

Abuse of conditioner leaves several layers of film on the threads, that after a few months, will start to make difficult the cuticle of open properly to allow the strand to swell with water. The result is a low porosity strand which becomes more and more fragile and begins to break .
The best thing for ladies in this current hair care market is that companies make sulfate free shampoos and organic shampoos that contain saponins (natural , not chemical cleansers ) that get your hair clean WITHOUT over - stripping . You see that all these other methodologies need to be carefully scrutinized and compared to actual cosmetic science before they are co- opted .

When you are in - wash eight ?

I most admit I think co- washing is well within your regime in cases where you need a quick rinse . For example , you need to refresh your hairstyle as you jump in the shower with your favorite conditioner . I will do it. This is a mid- week routine for me. Maybe my twist out is a bit dry even after re - twisting with water and coconut oil at night. I need to restyle my hair. A co- wash is perfect for that. But neglecting regular shampoo session leaves my skull flaky & itchy and my natural hair weighed down and dull.

Only co- washing is one of my soap box issues . Many Naturals are divided on this issue but hair care professionals like Camille Reed (mentioned in above post) , Dr. Kari Williams and others will support me on this . Please shampoo your hair every week . If not weekly , biweekly or less once a month . If you are worried shampoo drying your hair out of a pre- poo with whipped coconut oil and / or use a sulfate free shampoo .

The final result of only co- washing is clogged pores due to product build up, and hair breakage due to low porosity .

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