How to use curlformers for short natural hair..


Maybe you have tried magnetic rollers, pliant rollers, hot curlers, sponge rollers and a lot of to urge that excellent curl in your hair. currently you've got one more choice to get those live curls that area unit all the trend.

If you are not aware of Curlformers however, take a glance at this careful bit-by-bit. Not solely can you see a way to use them, you will get tips to form the work of golf stroke these curlers in easier and you will get to envision the spectacular results.

First, let's take a glance at a number of the various sizes of Curlformers (not shown area unit Short and Wide and Long and Wide). From left to right, there area unit 2 colours in every size:

    Short and slender (blue and green)
    Long and further Wide (yellow and magenta)
    Long and slender (blue and green)
 further Long and Wide (pink and orange)

You can purchase a Salon Kit that comes with forty long and wide, six short and wide Curlformers and a hook. alternative size Curlformers area unit sold  severally thus you'll be able to select the quantity and sizes you wish.

The Curlformers Hook
The hook that comes within the Salon Kit and sold  severally in addition is created from 2 interlocking items. Detach them as shown for compact storage. When using, connect them to form an extended hook that matches through all of the Curlformers.

Inserting the Hook

Each Curlformer has a gap at each ends, permitting you to insert the hook and pull it utterly through. merely place the hook finish into a gap of the roller (it does not matter that end) and slide the hook all the approach through.

Tip: Squeeze the tip of the Curlformer to open it to form hook insertion easier.

Give Hair a Small Twist

 Near the basis of the section of hair you are preparing to put into the Curlformer, provide the hair somewhat twist. This makes it easier to urge all of it within the roller.

Tip: Set wet or damp hair. Here, i am mistreatment 2 to a few pumps of Organic Root Stimulator oil Wrap/Set Mousse on every section of hair. alternative product to undertake embody Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam or Keracare Foam-Wrap Set Lotion.

Hook the Hair

 Place the hook to a lower place the hair section you are preparing to put within the Curlformer.

Begin Pulling Hair Through

Push the Curlformer near the scalp and with the opposite hand holding the tip of the hook protrusive from the alternative Curlformer gap, gently pull the hook holding the hair through the roller.

Tip: each pull might not go swimmingly, particularly if some hair escapes from the hook. If you catch or snag, stop, and push the hook back toward the scalp. recommence in order that you do not place tangled hair into the roller.

 Pull Hair Completely Through

 Continue propulsion the hook finish in one sleek motion till the hair section is incased within the Curlformer.

Tip: If the Curlformer does not spring back to its excellent spiral form once the hook is removed, merely hold the tip of the roller nearest the scalp and run the opposite pass on the length of it to sleek it straight out. Let it go and it ought to bounce right back to form.

Repeat Over Entire Head

Repeat this method over all the hair you wish to twist. though it's going to seem to be a tedious method, once you've got the technique in situ, it goes amazingly quickly. This model's hair was utterly curled and photos taken during a total of forty five minutes.

The reason Curlformers are available in 2 totally different colours for every size is as a result of they twist in opposite directions. If you wish your hair to twist faraway from your face, color matters!

Tip: to twist hair faraway from your face, place pink, inexperienced and magenta curlers on the left aspect of the head; blue, yellow and orange curlers continue the proper aspect of the top.

Removing Curlformers

Let hair dry utterly before removing Curlformers. as a result of their surface is mesh-like, air perpetually circulates through, thus drying time is not as long as magnetic rollers. to hurry things up, you'll be able to sit below a hood appliance or use a hand-held appliance over the top. Air drying could take 2 to 5 hours, reckoning on length and thickness of hair.

Once hair is dry, hold hair near the scalp with one hand and use the opposite to straighten the Curlformer and slip it off.

After: Model A

This is Model A, whose hair is chemical-free and simply past shoulder length, directly when removing Curlformers.

Tip: For a lot of spiral-type curls, use the littlest section of hair attainable. Otherwise, you'll get these tubey, Shirley Temple-like curls instead.

After: Model B

This is model B directly when removing Curlformers. this is often additionally chemical-free hair, concerning mid-back length once stretched.

Separate Curls for More Volume

Don't like the Candy Curls look? Then rigorously decide every curl apart into 2 to four separate sections. Take your time! don't rake your fingers through these curls if you wish to preserve their form.

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