How to Color Your Hair at Home for beginner.

How to Color Your Hair at Home for beginner....Achieve salon-quality results from a box by following these seven straightforward tips.

1 Skip the shampoo

Don't wash for twenty-four hours before coloring, or you may take away the natural oils that facilitate defend your scalp from chemicals. (And rinse additional dye with water only—shampoo will strip color.)

2 however take care to condition

Use a deep learning mask the day before you dye. it'll facilitate keep off any harm, and color appearance additional vivacious and deposits additional equally on moisturized hair.

3 scan the directions

Many women ignore them or simply elapse the images. Pay shut attention to the time interval. exploit dye on for even some minutes too long will offer terribly totally different results.

4 do not go extreme

Never commit to modification your color to quite 3 shades lighter or darker than your natural base. to create a forceful modification, the formula must be tailored by a professional.

5 obtain additional dye

Pick up 2 kits: If your hair is extremely thick or long, one box might not be enough. If you do not use the second, you must be ready to come it to the shop, or put it aside for consequent time you color.

6 Do a strand check

It's the solely thanks to see however the colour can very develop on your hair. Snip atiny low section at the scruff of your neck (where hair tends to be darkest) and apply the merchandise as directed.

7 Apply color equally

Divide your hair into four or 5 manageable sections victimisation clips or elastics. beginning with the lower sections, unclip, apply the merchandise liberally from roots to ends, then move up to consequent section.

How to Color Your Hair at Home for beginner.

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