How Do I Know If My Hair is Properly Moisturized?

This post comes courtesy of a reader comment that asked however does one describe moisturized hair? I found this to be a tough question to answer as a result of there square measure quite an few things that I go with the term ‘moisturized hair’. rather than attempting a 1 word descriptor, i assumed maybe what would be a lot of useful could be a list of the properties of moisturized hair.

1. Moisturized hair isn't wet

There is an enormous distinction between wet, damp or misted hair and moisturized hair. To the bit, moisturized hair doesn't have a wet feeling. The wet that differentiates it from dry hair is secured among the strand and not on the surface of the hair. humidness or humectants (such as aloe, honey and glycerin) that act to extend the outer wet of the hair don't amendment the very fact that the hair is 100% dry to the bit.

2. Moisturized hair could be a sound

The instantly recognizable feature related to dry hair that isn't moisturized is crepitation. Dry unmoisturized hair tends to own a rasping sound once the strands square measure rubbed against one another. The drier hair gets, the a lot of perceptible the sound becomes. Moisturized hair on the opposite hand is nearly quiet. The strands of hair will typically glide past one another and even wherever they tangle or knot, they are doing not create a similar firm crepitation of dry hair.

3. Moisturized hair could be a feeling and a glance

Moisturized hair is soft to the bit not like dry hair wherever the feel of the hair is amplified creating it feel rough. For those with natural shine/sheen or if a product with oil is employed, moisturized hair can intensify the shine.

4. Moisturized hair is versatile and robust

A very fascinating property of moisturized hair is that it's a lot of versatile and fewer prone  to breakage. Hair includes a tendency to be ready to stretch out and wherever tangles kind, the hair doesn't tend to instantly snap. wherever curls square measure gift they're going to have a formation and wherever shrinkage is gift, hair are close to 60-70% of its full length. The hair isn't wet (i.e complete shrinkage) and isn't dry (where hair will stretch to even 80-90% of its full length however includes a tendency to snap once force or stretched).

5. Moisturized hair has all the higher than properties at a similar time

As associate example,  if you merely add oil to your hair and no water, hair might feel soft to the bit and shine however might not be versatile and will still have a crackle to that once it's dry.

The principle thanks to determine moisturized hair is that it's to own all the properties described:

1. Not wet  to the bit

2. No crepitation or crunching

3. Soft to the bit with shine (noting that shine is relative)

4. Flexibility and strength

Ladies, what are the telltale signs that your hair is moisturized or dry?

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