5 Signs You’re On Your Way to Long Hair

Long natural hair isn't one thing that happens quickly, it'll take between three to five years to possess that a lot of desired hair down your back. If you're simply beginning your journey or if you have got created some mistakes and want to direct your energy into results, here area unit a number of the tiny however extremely vital steps that may mark that you just area unit on the correct path.


1. No pain when handling your hair

As a toddler I learned to grit my teeth and bear the pain as my hair was combed with a fine toothed comb.
My hair additionally didn't gain length and sometimes post hair care it had been straightforward when why – large hair balls continuously followed. It still remains quite common to listen to the word tender-headed particularly in salons once actually hair is being ripped out and thus the rationale for the pain. you're creating vital progress after you get to a degree wherever you not associate pain with the detangling method. Some folks do expertise a general tenderness (dull ache/soreness) related to hair care and this can be associated with the actual fact that they're a lot of sensitive to even light tugging, but pain ought to ne'er be the results of hair care.5 Signs You’re On Your Way to Long Hair.

2. No hair on the floor

The less the hair you see on the ground or on your garments once hair care, the better. Ideally you must solely see hair within the tool that you just use to detangle (so if you're finger hair care, shed hair are unravelled together with your fingers or if you're hair care with a brush/comb then the shed hair ought to be cornered with the comb). If you have got an honest technique of hair care that suits your hair texture then you'll be ready to greatly minimise breakage.5 Signs You’re On Your Way to Long Hair.

3. you are patient

Patience may be a massive a part of handling natural hair. it's needed in each facet from the shorter amounts of detangling and styling to the future period of growth and retention wherever you have got to grant your hair enough time in acceptable designs to achieve length. the instant after you realise that your hair can not be rush, the better you'll realize it handle as futile tries are eliminated. for instance, you'll simply vogue your hair in 5-10 minutes however patience dictates that you just should choose what works best for your hair. it's straightforward enough to form a fast bread on dry hair however this can not work once hair is wet for somebody with high shrinkage. therein case, it's going to be easier to put 5-6 twists on wet hair and pin them up into a mode. Later once your hair is dry, you'll vogue as you please.5 Signs You’re On Your Way to Long Hair.

4. You accept that your hair cannot do everything

Natural hair is flexible and normally is titled in virtually any means. However, not all hair will do everything well. Some folks will wash their hair daily and it'll look good. people merely cannot do a similar as their scalp could become increasingly drier or if their hair is longer, daily laundry is unsuitable because it will increase tangling. Some folks will safely heat vogue their hair however others cannot. If your hair feels brittle or breaks when even a coffee heat blow dry, you will ought to settle for heat isn't for you. Some folks will sit in protecting designs for months whereas others would either get hair unravelling or matting if they tried to try to to a similar. you have got to try to to what works for you.5 Signs You’re On Your Way to Long Hair.

5. Your product hunt is over

You need to experiment with product to seek out which of them best fit your hair. There will return a degree although after you eventually realize your favourites. you'll purchase alternative product as a result of you wish to do them out however it's out of curiosity and not out inevitably. you recognize what works for you and for what reason. for instance if your hair feels significantly dry, you recognize that conditioner to choose out of your arsenal and the way long to go away it on your hair for best results. If you wish to feature oil to your hair, you recognize that one or that combination to use and the way usually. you recognize that product won't grow your hair however rather facilitate it to remain in shape (i.e take care of the cuticle and maintain moisture).5 Signs You’re On Your Way to Long Hair.

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