4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine

4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine.
4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine....For many if not most girls with natural hair, the day of dread is wash day. it's the day that you just need to take care of detangling, wet hair, shrinkage and after all styling. However, your wash day may be a crucial a part of maintaining clean hair and preventing tangling and matting. the tip story is that you just cannot avoid at the moment and so the sole rational factor to try to to is to {make|to form} routines which will make it a lot of tolerable or dare I say…….enjoyable.4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine.

1. Rules…..What Rules?

Here on BGLH, I typically browse comments concerning why is it that writers provide varied recommendation, why will we have a tendency to not simply agree on ways or procedures and why area unit we have a tendency to continually shift the rules? the solution is straightforward, there have been ne'er any rules to start with. Natural hair is numerous which means we've got completely different

    -curl or coil sizes
    -individual strand thickness
    -overall hair density
    -hair response to break
    -shrinkage and uptake of water

These 5 factors can confirm however your hair behaves on wash day once it's wet and additionally however it'll answer a specific product. Therefore, if you need a hair rule, then it ought to be follow what your hair is telling you to try to to. If you'll be able to wash your hair free, do it; if you would like to twist or braid it to clean it, then try this instead. If you've got to finger detangle solely, do it; if you favor to comb or brush your hair additionally, then try this instead. If pre poos area unit too time overwhelming for you, skip them; if you discover them very important to maintaining your hair, do them. don't attempt to follow somebody else’s guide, create your own rules for your hair.4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine.

2. Hair is extremely inevitable, expect an equivalent results when

If your hair takes half dozen hours to dry, it'll not suddenly taking three hours if you are doing not amendment techniques. If your hair shrinks and tangles tightly once washed wet and free, this may not amendment over time. If your hair forms clumped curls once conditioner combed however frizzes up with dry brushing or humidness changes, again, this may not amendment. settle for your hair for what it's and not what you would like it to be.4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine.

If you modify however you handle your hair e.g creating it dry quicker by air drying in curlformers, pre trim hair rather than laundry absolve to scale back tangling and shrinkage or finding a decent holding product for clumped curls, you'll be able to get a special however still inevitable result you must place your stress 1st on techniques that assist you throughout wash day. These area unit a lot of valuable and effective than checking out a hair product to combat common issues like tangling or knotting throughout the wash, issue in comb or high levels of shrinkage.4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine.

3. Stop confusing texture for status

We have all detected the term ‘brillo pad hair’. this can be in my read one in every of the clearest samples of confusing texture for status. High shrinkage hair is especially liable to forming tight coils among hours of being freshly washed and conditioned. This hair is truly moisturised and not dry in the least however by virtue of being left to shrink, feels extraordinarily dry and brittle. an equivalent hair can feel moisturised if air dried during a stretching methodology like African threading, curl formers, twists or braids. In fact, even drying the hair out any with a dryer can turn out hair that ‘feels’ a lot of moisturised, though it's very not. Blow dried hair is truly drier internally than air dried hair however the smoothness of the strand (lack of coils and kinks) confuses some naturals United Nations agency suppose it feels softer and moisturised.4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine.

In short, dry hair and texture area unit 2 separate things. it's a ability that we have a tendency to all develop in time to grasp however our hair feels once moisturised and second however typically we want to feature wet.4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine.

4. Trial and error is that the name of the game.

Finding the techniques and product to assist maintain your hair is all concerning trial and error. there's no set formula that I as a individual will offer to you. there's no set formula that a blogger, youtuber or craftsman will offer to you. you've got to experiment and notice what works and what doesn't. to boot, experimenting goes to last for as long as you've got hair. Some product could finish off for you and you've got to undertake others. Your hair can grow longer and you've got to cater to no matter it'll be doing at the longer length (e.g tangling a lot of, developing a lot of suspend, curling less etc).4 Tips for deciding Your Wash Day Routine.

Ladies, have you figured out your wash day routine? What is your process?

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