4 reasons not to cut your hair.

Cropping is an important part of natural hair routine that helps limit the damage from a distance and allowing the hair to continue to gain length. Your routine could be as simple as cutting a half inch every four months , dusting regularly ends ( cut a quarter inch or less hair ) or more , but preserving hair "search and destroy " where only the damaged child are directed . However, some natural products can fall into the trap of the court as well. Here are four examples of cut when it is not necessary and may be counter - productive. 4 reasons not to cut your hair.

1. You cut it last week

If you have recently cut your hair and ends shortly after detection may be the case you need another dish , but it could also be the case that you missed a damaged strands . Wait at least two months before winning the scissors again. Constantly haircut may cause little or no progress . Do not focus no split ends , hair , this is simply not possible.
4 reasons not to cut your hair.

2. You notice one side is longer than the opposite

The goal of trimming split ends is to get rid of split ends and old . You can also use it to match the length of the hair, but for some people a bit of your
hair can grow faster than the other. Sometimes it's the front that grows over the back or on the left side to the right faster or faster than all other areas of crown. In any case, you can be very productive against the clock to keep the length , if all that happens is that part of your hair is growing quicker. Natural hair worn in a curly style or really stretching does not require the same length. While the ends are free of obvious damage or split ends , keep unequal lengths and develop all the hair to the desired length before choosing to match..4 reasons not to cut your hair.

3. Your ends seem thin/ see through however you regularly do search and destroy trims

If your chosen method of trimming only cut the damaged ends , it is likely that their limbs may appear much thinner than most of the hair. In this case , no need to cut your hair to get rid of sight through the ends . Since the damage is not cut , it is always the case that some parts will take longer than others. As long as you are able to maintain control of damage and split ends , no need to cut hair later.

4. Your ends are dry or don't curl like they accustomed but you can't see split ends

As you get older your hair will be more difficult to maintain moisture, simply because the cuticle layers are depleted and it is easy to lose moisture. Dry ends or ends which are not capable of curling are not necessarily indications that needs adjustment. Examine the hair and see if you can see visible signs of damage such as split ends. If you do not see the harm , all these objectives require a little more water , oil and / or moisturizer and spend much time on the set in styles to retain moisture .


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